Mar 4, 2017

Let’s start calling it what it is.

Over the last decade maybe more there has been a decidedly nefarious use of the English language to change the debate on a topic and alter the perception of people who rail against it.

It’s the term ‘undocumented immigrant’ as opposed to ILLEGAL ALIEN.

Here are some really interesting little tidbits:

“This disturbing fact follows ICE’s admission that, of the 36,007 criminal aliens it released from ICE custody in Fiscal Year 2013, 1,000 have been re-convicted of additional crimes in the short time since their release,” according to the letter, dated June 12, 2015.”
Amid the escalating national clash over immigration, new cases have emerged in federal court in South Florida showing how five undocumented immigrants from Mexico and Guatemala, all with criminal records, had been previously deported and returned undetected across the southwest border.

One of the five defendants, a Mexican, was deported at least seven times previously, while the others have at least one previous deportation each on their record.
Somewhere along the line, people realized that by changing the language of something they could change the argument about it and so ILLEGAL ALIENS became UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS.

And we should feel pity for these poor undocumented immigrants, right? They come here and they start families and they work hard...

At least that’s the argument.

Look, some of these people do come here and work very hard, I wrote a while back about black and white and gray and this is definitely one of those areas where things are gray to be sure.

But... I do know of two situations personally where people have abused the immigration laws knowing full well exactly what they were doing when they did it.

In one case, a woman who had told someone close to me she could no longer have children (after having children by two different men back in her country of origin), MIRACULOUSLY GOT PREGNANT! Must be the water or something, or maybe it was just one of those divine Christian things but WOW! She did it!

The guy in question, I love him, dearly but talk about stupid...

Anyway, he was with this woman for a bit of time and at one point did something he shouldn’t have done which was to bring the woman’s children into the country. So here were... the woman, her two children, her sister and two brothers who were already here all illegally.

And the guy was actually supporting the woman, her two children and the sister. He even got them registered for school and everything. Somehow though once those other people showed up their relationship started going off the rails and it was around them I was telling him maybe it was time just to cut his losses and remove himself from the situation.

Low and behold a month later she was pregnant!

And him being stupider still didn’t urge for an abortion or even do a paternity test (which he should’ve done and why he should’ve done it will be clear in a few sentences) and the woman bought said baby to term and had the kid and now he was supporting the woman, her THREE kids, and her sister.

Around this time though, money which had been coming in hand over fist for the year or two prior started drying up in a big way. Things were getting tight and he could no longer afford to be the big man like he had been.

Before he moved the rest of her family up here, she had been living with the guy but after they arrived in relatively short order the situation became so entirely untenable (after a few months) he moved them out and was covering all their expenses (free room and board!) and he had what amounted to a no-show job too that feed even more money into the household.

He suddenly became a one man cash machine.

Now another thing that happened after the baby arrived was the woman would arrive with the newborn at the guy’s office, drop it off with his secretary and drive off with someone for the day (no one was really clear who that was).

And as the money dried up... well, the flow had to stop and it would have been necessary for this woman and her sister too to actually find work so the guy told them he no longer could afford to give them a salary for doing nothing and that was that, he's help them out, certainly maintain his obligation as far as the new baby was concerned but the gravy train stopped.

A week later he was arrested on charges of molesting the woman's children.

Yep, she went in and swore out this complaint against him... and suddenly EVERYONE IN THE FAMILY - THE WOMAN, HER KIDS FROM EARLIER, HER SISTER, HER TWO BROTHERS ALL GOT U VISAS!


It was another miracle a bad situation that turned to their favor since they were crime victims.

Thing is, they weren't.

So, for two years the guy endured a nightmare, it involved court, lawyers, more money and just got worse and worse. While he had been living a very good life now he was in the absolute opposite of that life, he had entered a nightmarish world where he lost his freedom and was watching everything he had worked for disappear.

At one point they even taped the woman on the phone having a conversation with him admitting that the charges were fake and asking ‘Where’s the money!’ because she had though to come out of this not just with citizenship but also being able to take his possessions.

Nice stuff.

This went on for some time and he was in jail while all this was going on because they wouldn't give him any bail considering he had bought people from outside of the country in and thought he would be a flight risk.

And he had children of his own from an earlier marriage and was the custodial parent so their lives wound up being affected too.

You can watch things from a distance and just shake your head. I felt horrible for him but at the end of everything in large part it was his own stupidity that led him to this juncture and as of this writing he is still very much trying to put his life back together.

Even though he was found not to have done any of the molestation he was accused of, WELL THOSE FOLKS STILL GOT TO KEEP THEIR U VISAS! And he's still out all he had to spend on lawyers plus all that fun time in jail.

The other person I know came here wanting to leave their home country under a tourist visa and then stayed to go to school. When school finished there was a marriage that occurred which was paid for but the person who received payment never really felt too inclined to follow through and help with securing any further steps along the process for citizenship.

This was a nightmare of a different sort but again all was done with a very clear goal in mind and a clear knowledge of how to game the system.

So when you see someone who has fought being removed from the country point to their time in the country as a reason for why they should not be deported, excuse me if that won’t fly.

And if you point to people who have come here illegally and then started families and point to those families as reasons why they shouldn't be deported again, not working.

Everyone wants to paint this as some form of xenophobia but the truth is our society is built on a steady stream of immigrants and it is one of the great strengths of our country but the question is shouldn't WE have a say about who comes?

It’s a nice thing to believe that people are just looking for a better life but we have people here in our country who are looking for a better life and before we start fixing the rest of the world’s problems we have a responsibility to fix our own.

We have a whole nation of people who are struggling AND we have limited dollars than can go to social spending. The budget is not a bottomless pit, you can’t just continue to spend and spend and spend and think there will not be ramifications.

Plus you aren’t even beginning to talk about the effect it has on the labor pool in our own country as well... don’t give me any of this stuff about ‘doing jobs Americans won’t do’ because you’d be surprised at what people will do when forced into a position where they don’t have a choice.

Let’s also think for a second about all the people who actually take the time and effort and energy to come here legally... IS IT FAIR TO THEM?

I’ve got a very simple solution to anyone who wants to advocate open borders... if you feel so strongly about this, if this is something that really tugs at your heart and is an important issue for you then do the right thing - TAKE THESE PEOPLE INTO YOUR OWN HOME AND SUPPORT THEM. PAY ALL THEIR EXPENSES AND DO NOT ASK FOR ANYONE ELSE TO SHOULDER THE COST.

This includes any school expenses from their children and anything else. You want to do that, hey, I can only stand and watch and applaud you for your incredible example. You are truly a giving, caring human being.

Me, I’m struggling way too much on a daily basis and I have done charity work in the past and will continue to do so in the future when I can but leave me out of this mix because I have seen people abuse it and I think they honestly should start enforcing the law.

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